Search in the Soldier Register

General search tips

Please note that this database only shows a limited number of fields and information about the soldier. There is probability more information about the soldier and his family. Therefore, contact the local registry, which registered the information, to obtain a Soldiers Document with more information. The contact information to the local registry appears under the information about the soldier.

The fields for Soldier's name, Surname, Regiment, Company, Rote and Parish have automatic truncation. If you search for part of a name, both the first name and the family name are displayed. Example: Search for Holm and all records containing the phrase Holm will be displayed. For example Holmgren, Holmkvist, Söderholm, Cederholm, etc. Search the placeRyd and all places containing Ryd will be displayed for example Bankeryd, Ryda, Göteryd, Långaryd etc.

All fields can be combined when searching. Try to limit the search by searching on several fields at the same time. All records are listed alphabetically by soldier's last name and first name. The search results are displayed below the search boxes. Reset the search boxes with the Clear button. Click on a line in the search list to display the full record with other information about the soldier.

Questions About the Database

If you have any questions regarding the contents of the database please send questions to the Central Soldier Register

Soldier's Name

Automatic truncation. The soldier's first and last name are registered in the same field in the order last name first name with a space between the last name and the first name. No comma between first and last name. Search by either the last name or the first name or both at the same time with spaces between the names. Example: abborre johan . The system is not case sensitive.

Wildcards in Name Fields

Wildcards are used to replace certain letters in e.g. a name if the name can be spelled in different ways. Below are some examples.

Family Name

Automatic truncation. The family name is the soldier's patronymic, the soldier's father's name that the soldier had before receiving his soldier’s name. The field contains only the last name/patronymic.

Year of Birth, Death, Enlisted and Discharged

Search on the year, not the date. Only the year of birth, death, Enlisted and Discharged are shown.


Automatic truncation. In order not to burden the search and get a large number of entries in the search result, avoid searching only on the word regiment. The word regiment is included in almost all regimental names, although in different combinations. A list of all regiments registered in the database is available on the Regiment page.


Automatic truncation. The name of the company is registered according to C Grill's spelling/designation.


Automatic truncation. The File name is registered with modern spelling if the spelling differs from C Grill's information.

The Parish

Automatic truncation. The name of the parish is recorded with modern spelling.